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      Welcome to Ningbo Fuxin Mold Base Co. Ltd.



      The company mainly manufactures series of products such as die-casting mold, home appliance mold, automobile mold, etc. 

      Die casting mold series

      Home appliance mold series

      Automobile model series

      Slider accessories


      ABOUT US

      Founded in 2002


      Solidarity, Dedication, Innovation, Exertion

      Quality Assurance

      Strictly executing ISO9001 International quality standard

      Total area of 10000 meter squared

      Annual capacity of 3500 sets of mold base

      Production in 2018 is 140 million RMB

      Specialty Processing

      Part Processing

      Provide processing service for non-standard parts

      Such as: mold layer, wear plates, guide pillars, guide bush

      Slider Processing

      Provides processing for types of sliders and stripper bars


      Screw thread processing

      Hoist rings and screw holes are processed by CNC

      One-stop Service

      Five-axis processing

      3000*2000*800mm five-axis finishing workbench 3000*2000*800mm
      2W/rpm high-speed semi-finishing and finishing 2W/rpm

      Five-axis gun drill

      Workbench 3000*2000mm,φ4~φ35, depth 1600mm

      Electric spark processing

      Double-headed EDM workbench size 2500*1200mm

      Quality Inspection

      Quality Control Procedure

      We take inspectional procedures including incoming inspection, in-process inspection and final quality inspection. Firstly we control the quality of the incoming materials, no inferior quality allowed; operators then do personal in-process inspection according to the production standard, and also take notes and electronic archive; we then finally do a quality inspection before the products go out, intercepting low quality products and assuring high out-going quality. 

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      Contact Us

      Ningbo Fuxin Mold Base Co. Ltd.

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      ADD.:No. 1 Tangxi Road, Science and Technology Park, Ninghai County, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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